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Title: Fire and Ice

Based on the international best selling novel by Michele Barrow-Belisle, comes a story of a gifted teen, who, in order to save her mother’s life, follows her new boyfriend into a dystopian Faerie realm, only to discover she’s the dark-magic Princess destined to destroy their world, and he’s the Elven Prince destined to destroy her.


Tin Holiday

Title: Tin Holiday
Director: Joe Camareno

Best friends Samuel and Jesse travel to London after a life changing event in Samuel’s life. They find themselves in trouble with the Punjabi mafia, Interpol and in inappropriate couplings. This comedy will be filmed in Los Angeles and London Summer 2013.


Title: Playground
Director: Ajay Nayyar

…Life is a game that needs to be played…
Two detectives question a girl about a brutal murder. The only problem is that she is the only witness to the crime that does not seem to exist as there is no body to be found.


Title: Lost in LA
Director: Price Lindsey

…Things don’t always seem how they appear…

Everything seems exciting in Lisa’s life, moving to LA with her perfect fiance and following her creative dream, as a Writer. Suddenly she finds herself involved in a crime that links to her fiance and former life in England…Who can she trust? Alone and lost in LA will reveal the truth, but will she want to find out?














Ronnie and Lisa are trying for a baby. Lisa’s behaviour is a little erratic and obsessive causing Ronnie to become disillusioned with his wife’s ‘love-making’ schedule. He seeks comfort and affection in Katy, yet the consequences could be disastrous.


Men Will Be Boys

Title: Men Will Be Boys
Director: Ajay Nayyar

Two guys love the same girl, but the feeling isn’t mutual. A story of manipulation and deception.